Newborn Photography - Rhoddy Stewart Photography

When to book your newborn session…

It is the best to have your baby newborn session within two weeks after your newborn’s birth when they are between 5-12 days old. At this time, your newborn baby is still used to being in the womb, allowing us to position them into curly poses. After the two-week mark, they become more alert and lighter sleepers.

We can still photograph your newborn baby after two weeks. Beautiful newborn  images can be captured at any stage. However,  once they grow past this “newborn” stage, we may not be able to entice them into all of the curly poses.

You can contact us at any time during your pregnancy to arrange a provisional  time and day for your session.      

Newborn sessions can take 3-4 hours, allowing plenty of time for feeding and comforting.

The cost for the session is £150.00 which includes a USB of all images taken on the day.  Further prints and products can also be ordered.  You will also get free entry into our Baby Club which will allow you to capture in photos your baby's first year.