Baby Club - Rhoddy Stewart Photography

Capture those special moments in your baby’s first year. We all know how quickly your baby’s first year will pass. This is a time none of us can ever recapture, which is why it is so important to record baby’s first months.

Our Baby Club allows you to attend the studio up to 3 times in your baby’s first year, at around 4 months, 8 months, and at 12-14 months. After the third session you will receive a beautiful folio containing a photo from each of the sessions. You may buy further prints from the session too. We can also supply many other canvas and acrylic frames and products.

At all sessions you are welcome to bring siblings and family members to have photos taken with baby.  Your folio will only include a photo of your baby individually.

Gift vouchers for membership are available to buy, a wonderful new baby gift that will last a lot longer than baby clothes or toys.

The cost of membership is  £35 and is payable when booking your first session.